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What to Do After BCA: Lucrative Career Options in 2023

What to Do After BCA: Lucrative Career Options in 2023
Home > Blogs > What to Do After BCA: Lucrative Career Options in 2023

    After earning a 3 year comprehensive Bachelor of Computer Applications degree, the proud degree holders pose a question to themselves -What to do after BCA. They are already equipped with fundamental knowledge of core computer programming in varied useful and important languages like C, Java, and Python.

    The BCA students also have a good amount of exposure to various Operating Systems like Unix etc. The BCA graduates, during their undergraduate journey, get sufficient understanding to further get a learning experience in advanced programming in the latest fields of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Big Data Analytics. This comprehensive study during their BCA journey gives a plethora of opportunities in the form of answers to the query- What to do after BCA.

    In the quest to know- What to Do After BCA: Multiple Lucrative Career Options, the proud BCA graduates are undoubtedly in an advantageous position because emerging technologies have proved that it is their era.

    The answer to the question- What to do after BCA, depends a lot on the personal likings of individual students.

    The technological advancement brought in by software programming has almost revolutionized the processes involved in the business world. To address the query-What can I do after BCA, it needs to be kept in mind that the humongous demand and scope of computer programming, the BCA degree holders have the privilege to choose the option from a wide array of fields.

    Engineering after BCA is a good option as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in the limelight. Software Engineer after BCA, find employability in all the spheres of the industry, be it-Healthcare, Banks and Finance, Transportation (Self-driven vehicle or Vehicle to vehicle communication) Aircraft industry, and areas where bulk data is processed and decisions made by machine.

    The software engineer after BCA has the potential to make machines perform the cognitive functions of the human brain through Artificial Intelligence.

    In the given scenario, answering the question -What to Do After BCA: Multiple Lucrative Career Options, does not seem to be difficult at all. The rapid advancement that the world has witnessed in computer programming, is a testimony to the fact that in the coming times, the technology is going to be adopted and absorbed by the business world in a big way. Sans technology, industries will lag.

    In order to appraise the issue about- What jobs are available after BCA, it needs to be appreciated that it is industries’ compulsion to soak their business activities in technological advancement in case they want to perform with ease and sustain in the competitive market.

    The growing demand for computer programmers is a sort of boon for the BCA degree holders who, by gaining the fundamental knowledge and exposure to computer programming are at the threshold of a breakthrough in their career.

    BCA degree holders are better equipped to be software engineers after BCA, and can further enhance their knowledge and skills by getting mastery in computer languages which nowadays are in the trend. This can be attained either by gaining professional experience or studying further by doing a Master's and further pursuing Doctorate.

    In response to the query- What to do after BCA, The BCA degree holders, equipped with the fundamental knowledge and expertise of computer programming, have the option to upgrade their knowledge and skills by pursuing higher studies. Knowledge is power but the Advanced knowledge of computer programming enshrines the power to do miracles.

    Realizing the potential of advanced computer programming, the Universities and Colleges in India and the World, do offer Masters of Computer Application(MCA) & Master of Science(MS) Programmes with various specializations.

    Those graduates who have an inkling for studying further and gaining mastery of the computer languages have a ready-made answer to their query-What to do after BCA, in the form of exploring a Master’s program aligned to their passion and liking. The option to go in for higher studies is bound to make their professional career to higher realms.

    To brood further about the query-What can I do after BCA, the proud BCA degree holders have the options to do any of the following Master programs- Master of Computer Application (MCA), Masters in Computer Management (MCM), Masters Degree in Information Management (MIM), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc IT), Master of Science in Management(MSM), etc.

    Apart from the Masters's programmes various Universities and Colleges also offer useful Post Graduate Diploma programmes in Computer Applications Information Security etc.

    In addition to the above the Universities offer various types of Short duration Certification courses in JAVA, Coding, Cloud Computing, Networking, etc.

    The Software Engineers after BCA, can aim to pursue Masters from foreign Universities. Students aspiring to do a Master's from abroad need to select from a wide array of programmes offered by foreign Universities.

    These include- Master's in Computer Management, Masters Degree in Information Management (MIM), a Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc IT), Masters in Information Security Management, Masters in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Masters in Cyber Security/ Cyber Forensics, Masters in Very Large-Scale Integration( VLSI)/ Embedded Systems, etc.

    The students need to meticulously prepare their Statement of Purpose(SOP) which the foreign Universities do examine critically. The aspiring students are required to submit essays as stipulated by the respective foreign Universities which mainly revolve around your pursuits and activities undertaken so far and about your future goals and objectives.

    After scrutiny of the student’s application, the Universities conduct a round of interviews over the video/ audio call. The students finally selected then have to meet the requirement of payment of course fees as per the schedule provided to them by the foreign University.

    The students aspiring to avail learning through foreign Universities are required to clear the requisite examinations like Graduate GRE, or the Graduate Record Examination. Apart from that certain foreign Universities need a decent score in TOEFL or IELTS examination to judge the student’s proficiency in the English language.

    What to do After BCA: Jobs Opportunities

    Considering the command the BCA degree holders enjoy in computer programming, there are plenty of Career options after BCA. To quell the thirst of the inquisitive BCA degree holders about what jobs are available after BCA, Distance Pathshala wants to assure them that there is a long List of jobs after BCA.

    Job roles included in this list are- Computer Programmer, Digital Marketer, System Engineer, Software Developer, IT Analyst, Database Administrator, Software Analyst, Computer Scientist, Cyber Security Expert, App developer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Multimedia expert, IT-related jobs in the Banking Industry, etc. Teaching is also one of the Career options after BCA.

    In pursuit to know- What can I do after BCA, it must be crystal clear to the BCA graduates that there are a lot of vacancies in the Information and Technology discipline in various departments of the Central Government and the State Government and Union Territories. Periodically, the vacancies are notified by the respective Departments to recruit computer programmers, Data Analysts, etc.

    Those who want to be a software engineer after BCA may join the Public Sector, and may access the respective Websites of the various departments of the Central and State Governments to check their eligibility and apply accordingly in time.

    BCA graduates are also eligible to write various examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) & Staff Selection Commission(SSC) and various State Public Service Commissions.

    The question of What to do after BCA which allows both earning and learning together, the Online Masters programme from Online Universities in India is a unique facility afforded to thousands of students to pursue higher studies by enrolling themselves. The Online mode of learning is very cost-effective.

    The reputed private Universities, offering part-time Masters programmes, enjoy recognition from the University Grants Commission(UGC)/the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE)/ under the Work Integrated Learning Programme (WILP).

    Online MCA Programmes Offered by Universities- A solution to What to do after BCA:

    1. Graphic Era University

    Master of Computer Applications is a highly-valued degree programme that adds depth to the knowledge and skills of the students who aim for rapid career progression in the field of information technology.

    University’s e-learning program is in line with the regulatory guidelines, rules, and regulations.

    Eligibility for the MCA Programme:

    A person with 10+2+3 in mathematics or its equivalent examination in any stream conducted by a recognized Board/ University/ Council is eligible for admission.

    Duration of the MCA Programme:

    2 Years Minimum duration: 5 Years Maximum duration.

    Course Fee Structure:

    Rs. 35,000/ per annum: A total of Rs 70,000/ for the entire 2-year program.

    2. Chandigarh University

    Master of Computer Applications (MCA) at Chandigarh University ODL is a coveted degree designed to develop the computer programming skills of the incumbent.

    Eligibility for the MCA Programme:

    • Passed BCA/ Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent Degree OR Passed B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.A. with Mathematics at 10+2 Level or Graduation Level (with additional Bridge Courses as per the norms of the University).
    • Obtained at least 50% marks (45% marks in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying Examination.

    Duration of the MCA Programme:

    Mininimum Duration of this course is 2 years (4 Semesters)

    Course Fee Structure:

    Rs. 15850 per Semester

    A total of Rs. 15,850 x 4 =Rs. 63,400/- for the entire 2 years MCA Online programme

    The Course Curriculum of the MCA Programme:

    Semester 1

    • Design And Analysis of Algorithms
    • Advanced Database Management Systems
    • Advanced Computer Networks
    • Discrete Mathematical Structures
    • Communication Skills

    Semester 2

    • Advanced Internet Programming
    • System Programming & Operating System
    • Python Programming
    • Parallel And Distributed Computing
    • Introduction To Machine Learning

    Semester 3

    • Web Application Development
    • Cloud Computing
    • Operational Research
    • Software Testing & Quality Assurance
    • Network Security & Cryptography

    Semester 4

    • Advanced Mobile Application Development
    • Web Optimization
    • Research Methodology
    • Statistical and Numerical Methods
    • Software Project Management

    3. Uttaranchal University

    The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) programme imparts quality education through a robust Learning Management System. The MCA programme at Uttaranchal University is a much sought-after programme for those who wish to excel in computer programming.

    Duration of the MCA Programme:

    2 Years: Total of 4 semesters

    Commitment: 8-10 hours/week (Recommended hours)

    The mode of learning includes Live and pre-recorded virtual class sessions.

    The Course Curriculum of the MCA Programme:

    Semester 1

    • OOPS using C++
    • Computer Organization and Architecture
    • Financial Accounting
    • Operating Systems
    • Discrete Mathematics

    Semester 2

    • Python Programming
    • Software Engineering
    • Theory of Computation
    • Data Structure
    • Data Communication
    • Networking

    Semester 3

    • Database Management Systems
    • Information Security
    • Soft Computing
    • Web Technology
    • Artificial Intelligence

    Semester 4

    • Capstone Project
    • Comprehensive Viva-Voce

    Course Fee Structure:

    Semester-wise fee Rs 68,000/- for the entire course comprising 4 Semesters

    Yearly fee Rs. 33,000/-

    Total fee of Rs. 66,000 for the entire course comprising 4 Semesters.

    Eligibility for the MCA Programme:

    • Passed B.C.A/ B.Sc./ B.Sc. (IT) / B.E. (CSE)/ B.Tech. (CSE) / B.E. (IT) / B.Tech. (IT) or equivalent Degree.
    • Passed any graduation degree (e.g.: B.E. / B.Tech. / B.Sc / B.Com. / B.A./ B. Voc./ etc.,) preferably with Mathematics at 10+2 level or Graduation level
    • Obtained at least 50% marks in the qualifying examination.
    • Working professionals with 2 years of experience can solicit information from the University.

    What to do After BCA: Conclusion

    Posing the query-What to do after BCA to oneself gains importance in the light of multifarious avenues available to BCA graduates.

    For those who want to do Engineering after BCA, there is a wide array of options to join private branded companies as software engineers after BCA in the capacity as Computer Programmer, Digital Marketer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Multimedia expert & IT related jobs in the Banking Industry.

    For those of the students, who want to upgrade their professional skills by pursuing Master's, the expert professionals of the Distance Pathshala are whole-heartedly with them.

    The experienced Counsellors of the Distance Pathshala, sincerely guide the students to avail the opportunity of upgrading their skills through the most sought-after Online MCA programmes offered by prestigious Universities in India.

    After earning a MCA degree, professionals can become Blockchain Developers, Cloud Solutions architects, System engineers, Software developers, IT Analysts, Database administrators, Software analysts, Computer Scientists, and Cyber Security experts.

    What to do After BCA: FAQs

    After earning a BCA degree, the students gain sufficient knowledge in computer programming and can head start doing Engineering after BCA by assuming any role and responsibility in the IT and computer field in the private or public sector.

    After earning a BCA degree, the graduates may either join the public or private sector. The list of jobs after BCA includes the following roles-Computer Programmer, Data Analyst, Digital Marketer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Multimedia expert, and the like.

    In the initial stage the salary of a BCA Graduate may be in the range of Rs. 3-6 Lakhs per annum.

    Bachelor of Computer Applications degree is the prized one. The proud degree holders have core and fundamental knowledge of computer programming involving algorithms including exposure to AI and ML programmes.
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