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What is the BSC full form: A complete guide

What is the BSC full form: A complete guide
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    BSC Full Form

    Many students, opting for the Science stream from the 11th grade, often start looking for options for pursuing higher education. Those students who studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology in their 11th and 12th grades have many options at the undergraduate level.

    B.Sc. Maths full form is Bachelor of Mathematics but most of the students make a beeline for the B. Tech programmes and often fail to understand BSC Hons meaning or know the BSC full form or What is BSC, What is the full form of BSC, BSC subjects list, BSC IT full form, BSC Home Science Subjects, BSC it eligibility, Types of BSC, Basic full form B.Sc. Maths full form, B.Sc. Nursing full form and thus doesn't fully explore the opportunities afforded by Indian Universities by offering Bachelor of Science programmes in various disciplines.

    The form of B.Sc. programmes. What is BSC? What is the full form of BSC? BSC IT full form?-are some of the questions that persistently crop up in the students' minds right from their 9th standard. BSC full form is Bachelor of Science.

    What is BSC?- B.Sc. is the short form of Bachelor of Science, an undergraduate programme generally of 3-4 years. Students must be fully aware of the Basic full form of B.Sc. As is obvious, the full form of BSC is Bachelor of Science. B.Sc. degree is conferred to the learners by the Universities offering varied types of BSC.

    Indian Universities offer the most sought-after BSC courses after 12th.

    The students seek- BSC Hons meaning. BSc Hons meaning can be understood as - A Bachelor's programme in a particular discipline. Students also ask- In BSC how many years they need to spend pursuing the courses after 12th grade.

    The duration of the B.Sc. programmes are usually 3-4 years. B.Sc. The nursing full form, i.e., Bachelor of Science (Nursing), is a 4-year programme which enables the learners to join a noble profession in the fast-expanding hospital industry.

    After knowing the BSC full form, the students must be aware of the various BSC courses after the 12th.

    Do the students need to know how many years of duration are prescribed for various types of BSC? For certain types of BSC degree programmes, the duration is prescribed as under-

    B.Sc.Ag. / B.F.Sc. / B.Tech. / B.Sc.Home Sc / B.Sc. (Food Tech.)
    8 Semesters (4 years)
    Bachelor of Veterinary Science in Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc. & A.H.)
    10 Semesters (5 years)

    Generally, the students are curious to know about BSC Home Science Subjects. The BSc Home Science subject list includes:

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Physiology
    • Hygiene
    • Sociology
    • Rural Development
    • Economics
    • Child Development
    • Family Relations
    • Community living
    • Arts
    • Food
    • Nutrition
    • Textiles
    • Clothing
    • Home management

    The comprehensive study of BSC Home Science Subjects equips the students to undertake multipronged roles in various sectors.

    1. Indira Gandhi Open National University (IGNOU)

    Indira Gandhi Open National University (IGNOU), a Central University established in 1985, offers a three-year Online and Distance learning B.Sc. degree programmes.

    The list of IGNOU's BSC general Subjects is- Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Physics & Zoology.

    The students can combine three of the above BSC General Subjects. Students must choose three BSC general Subjects based on their areas of interest to get a Bachelor of Science.

    IGNOU's three years (6 Semesters) BSC courses after 12th involve 132 credits. What is BSC credit per Semester at IGNOU? Per Semester total Credit is 22.

    Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc. at IGNOU

    The aspiring students must now be aware of what is the full form of BSC. Now their inquisitive minds must be curious to find out the eligibility for pursuing BSC courses after 12th, which is as under:-

    Students must have completed their 10+2 in the Science stream from a recognized board. For various types of BSC from IGNOU, students of any age can enroll in the course of their choice.

    Course Fee at IGNOU

    After knowing the BSC full form, the students need to be in the full form and gear to study B.Sc. At IGNOU, BSC courses after the 12th involve an expenditure of Rs. 12,500 as a course fee for the 3-year (6 Semesters) program. The per semester fee at IGNOU B.Sc is Rs. 2000. At admission, Rs. 500 is charged towards the student's registration.

    BSC How many years: Course Duration

    After being aware of the BSC full form, the students want to know the full stretch involved in the B.Sc. Programme. The IGNOU BSC course after 12th grade is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 6 years.

    Admission Procedure at IGNOU

    BSC courses after 12th are offered twice yearly, in January and July, by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. The School of Science dispels doubts about BSC full form by providing the IGNOU Bachelor of Science via Open & Online Learning.

    BSC General Subjects' Semester Examination

    BSC general Subjects' Semester Examinations are held between June and December. The term-end test carries a 70% weighting in the final grading. The pass mark for students in the BSC subjects list is a minimum score of 40%.

    After gathering the BSC full form, the students must also ascertain the requisite accreditations, recognitions and rankings of the Universities offering the various types of BSC programmes. It is obvious that the B.Sc. Maths full form is Bachelor of Science (Mathematics).

    The University Grants Commission approves IGNOU, AICTE and enjoys the NAAC A++ Certification.

    2. Jain Centre for Distance & Online Education, Bengaluru

    Jain University'sUniversity's Centre for Distance and Online Education offers an Online B.Sc. programme of 3 years duration.


    Candidates who have qualified 10+2 examination or equivalent from any recognized Central or State Board are eligible.

    Fee Structure

    The fee structure of the Online B.Sc. programme is as under:-

    Year I
    Year 2
    Year 3
    Course Fee
    Rs. 8,000/-
    Rs. 8,000/-
    Rs. 8,000/-
    Examination Fee / Year
    Rs. 4,500/-
    Rs. 4,500/-
    Rs. 4,500/-
    Registration Fees (Payable at the time of admission)
    Certificate Fees (Payable in Final Year)
    Total Fee
    Rs. 12,800
    Rs. 12,500
    Rs. 13,000

    The BSC Subjects List for the Online B.Sc. Programmes

    Semester 1

    • Language (Kan/ Hin / San / Add. Eng)
    • English
    • Physics- 1 Mechanics and Properties of Matter
    • Mathematics- I
    • Mathematics- II
    • Computer Science- 1 Digital Fundamentals and Object Oriented Programming Using C++

    Semester 2

    • Language (Kan/ Hin / San / Add. Eng)
    • English
    • Physics-2 Thermal and Statistical Physics and Acoustics
    • Mathematics - III
    • Mathematics - IV
    • Computer Science - 2 Data Structures
    • Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) - 1
    • Indian constitution

    Semester 3

    • Physics- 3 Optics, Electricity & Magnetism
    • Mathematics - V
    • Mathematics - VI
    • Generic Elective (Ge)
    • Computer Science - 3 Java Programming
    • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-1
    • Communicative English

    Semester 4

    • Physics-4 Elements of Modern Physics
    • Mathematics-VII
    • Mathematics-VIII
    • Computer Science- 4 Operating System and Unix
    • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-2
    • Environment Studies

    Semester 5

    • Elements of Entrepreneurship
    • Elements of Entrepreneurship Lab


    • Elements of Chemistry
    • Elements of Chemistry - Lab
    • Generic Elective (Ge) – 2
    • Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour


    • Herbal Wealth & Healing
    • Herbal Wealth & Healing – Lab
    • Skill Enhancement Course (Sec) – 2
    • Basic Electronics & Instrumentation Skills
    • Basic Electronics & Instrumentation Skills - Lab Services Marketing


    • Basic Statistics
    • Basic Statistics - Lab
    • Skill Enhancement Course (Sec) – 3
    • Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting
    • Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting - Lab


    • Software Engineering & Testing
    • Software Engineering & Testing - Lab
    • Skill Enhancement Course (Sec) – 4
    • Mathematical Modelling
    • Mathematical Modeling - Lab


    • Programming in Android
    • Programming in Android - Lab

    Semester 6

    • Physics - 6
    • Physics – Lab 6
    • Mathematics IX
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Science – Lab 6
    • Generic Elective(Ge)- 3
    • Inference Theory
    • Inference Theory – Lab OR Document Analysis
    • Document Analysis - Lab
    • Physics
    • Astro Physics and Solar Physics
    • Materials Science
    • Analog and Digital Electronics
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Project Computer Science Data Mining
    • System Programming; Computer Networks
    • Relational Database Management System
    • Computer Graphics
    • Project Work/ Dissertation
    • Mathematics X
    • Linear and Multiple Integrals
    • Integral Theorem
    • Ring Theory
    • Partial Differential Equation and Differential Calculus of Two Variables
    • Geometry of Space Curves
    • Vector Differential
    • Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis Calculus and Improper Integrals
    • Particle Dynamics and Calculus of Variation
    • Discrete Mathematics, Boolean Algebra
    • Theory of Equations, Transportation and Game Theory

    BSc (Data Science and Analytics) Programme

    Jain University's Centre for Distance and Online Education offers a Bachelor of Science programme in Distance Education mode.

    BSC full form varies as per the specialisation offered by the Universities. BSc (Data Science and Analytics) provides a comprehensive understanding of Computer programming languages, Data Analytics, A.I. & ML, IoT, BlockChain technologies etc.


    The eligibility for the program is the 12th board exam or equivalent, and the candidate must have studied either Mathematics, Computer Science or Statistics in secondary school education.

    Fee Structure BSc (Data Science and Analytics)

    Year I
    Year II
    Year III
    Course Fee
    Rs. 15,000/-
    Rs. 15,000/-
    Rs. 15,000/-
    Examination Fee / Year
    Rs. 4,500/-
    Rs. 4,500/-
    Rs. 4,500/-
    Annual Fee
    Rs. 20,000/-
    Rs. 19,500/-
    Rs. 19,500/-
    Registration Fees (Payable at the time of admission)

    ​​Total Fee: Rs. 59,000/-

    3. Amity University

    BSC full form or BSC it full form is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSC-IT). Amity University offers the B.Sc. I.T. undergraduate programme. The answer to the query- In BSC, how many years of the programme is that in I.T. The programme is three years.

    Experts from the industry collaborate to create the curriculum. An idea of the Basic full form of the programme can be gathered by glancing at the BSC general subjects included in the respective curricula of the programmes.

    BSC IT Eligibility

    BSC IT eligibility, as provided by Amity University, is as follows:-

    1. Students possessing Sufficient Knowledge and understanding of the English Language

    2. Candidates whose first Language is not English must have done at least the past three years of Academic Qualification Under the English Medium Institute.

    Indian Nationals

    1. Class 10th certificate on finishing formal schooling of 10 years

    2. Class 12th Certificate on finishing 12 years of formal schooling

    BSC full form, i.e., Bachelor of Science in Information Technology programme, enables learners to analyse and operate various operating systems and learn various computer languages that find applications in A.I., ML & Data Science.

    4.Govind Ballabh Pant University, Uttarakhand G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology

    Govind Ballabh Pant University offers various Bachelor of Science programmes. BSC'sBSC's full form includes in its fold the particular discipline of the programme.


    The details about the eligibility prescribed for each of the B.Sc. programmes offered by G.B. Pant University are given in the tabular form below:-

    Name of Programme
    Minimum Eligibility Qualifications
    B.Sc. Agriculture
    Intermediate Agriculture/Science with Mathematics or Biology.
    B.Sc. Forestry
    Intermediate Agriculture/Science with Mathematics or Biology or equivalent examination
    B.Sc. Home Science
    Intermediate Science with Mathematics or Biology
    B. V. Sc. & A.H.
    Intermediate Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English or equivalent examination and should have obtained a minimum of 50% marks for General Category and 40% for reserved categories (OBC, SC & ST) in aggregate in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.
    Intermediate Science with Biology/Agriculture or equivalent examination.
    B.Sc. Horticulture
    Intermediate Agriculture / Science with Mathematics or Biology or equivalent examination.
    B.Sc. (Food Technology)
    Intermediate Agriculture/Science with Mathematics or Biology.
    B.Tech. Agril. Engg.
    Pass in 10+2 examination or its equivalent with Physics and Mathematics and any one of the optional subjects Chemistry/ Biotechnology/Computer Science/ Biology.

    Entrance Examination

    Undergraduate programmes provide admission through a university-conducted entrance exam.

    Reservation: In accordance with Government regulations, details of which are provided below:

    All the sanctioned seats in Undergraduate degree programmes except B.Sc. Food Technology shall be allotted to bonafide residents of Uttarakhand State. Over and above the sanctioned seats, 30 percent of sanctioned seats are allotted to ICAR, and 15 % of sanctioned seats are allotted to VCI at the Undergraduate level (except B.Sc. Food Technology, B.Tech. programmes) as per conditions set forth by the ICAR/VCI for admitting candidates not belonging to Uttarakhand. ICAR shall fill 50% of the B.Sc. (Food Technology) sanctioned seats.

    If the seats of B.Sc. (Food Technology) self-financing programmes still need to be filled, the candidates of Uttarakhand State and vice-versa will fill the same.

    5. Indian Council of Agricultural Research

    The Agricultural Education Division of ICAR offers e-Courseware content in seven disciplines, viz. Agricultural Science, Fisheries Science, Dairy Science, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Home Science and Agricultural Engineering. National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP), New Delhi, provides financial support for these developments.

    List of Online E-Courses Offered by ICAR

    • B.Sc.(Agriculture)- Bachelor of Science(Agriculture)
    • B.V.Sc.(Veterinary & AH)- Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry
    • B.F.Sc.(Fisheries Science) - Bachelor of Fisheries Science
    • B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) - Bachelor of Technology (Dairy Technology)
    • B.Sc.(Home Science)- Bachelor of Home Science
    • B.Tech.(Agricultural Engineering)- Bachelor of Technology (Agricultural Engineering)
    • B. Sc. (Horticulture)- Bachelor of Science (Horticulture)

    6. Graphic Era University

    Graphic Era University offers B.Sc. A nursing undergraduate program of 4 years duration imparts practical learning about various fields involved in Healthcare Management.


    Candidates who have passed the qualifying 12th Standard examination (10+2) with Science must have obtained a minimum of 45% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and passed in English individually. ICAR must fill 50% of the authorized seats at the State Open School, recognized by the State Government and the National Institute of Open Schools (NIOS), which the Central Government recognizes. English is a compulsory subject in 10+2 to be eligible for admission to B.Sc. (Nursing).

    Fee Structure

    The fee structure of the entire programme, based on marks obtained by candidates in their 12th grade, is as follows:-

    (12th PCB %) >=95 or CUET percentile >=95
    (12th PCB %) >=90 & <=94.99 or CUET percentile >=90 & <=94.99
    (12th PCB %) >=90 & <=94.99 or CUET percentile >=90 & <=94.99
    (12th PCB %) >=85 & <=89.99 or CUET percentile >=85 & <=89.99
    (12th PCB %) >=80 & <=84.99 or CUET percentile >=80 & <=84.99
    (12th PCB %) >=75 & <=79.99 or CUET percentile >=75 & <=79.99
    Rs. 431793
    Rs. 484993
    Rs. 484993
    Rs. 515393
    Rs. 545793
    Rs. 576193

    BSC subjects list for B.Sc. Nursing undergraduate program of 4 years duration.

    BSC Subjects List for B.Sc. Nursing

    Semester 1

    • Communicative English
    • Anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • Nursing Foundation-1

    Semester 2

    • Biochemistry
    • Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Nursing Foundation-2
    • Health Nursing Information & Technology

    Semester 3

    • Microbiology
    • Pharmacology
    • Pathology-I
    • Adult Health Nursing-I

    Semester 4

    • Faculty of Nursing
    • Pharmacology-II
    • Pathology –II and Genetic
    • Adult Health Nursing-II
    • Professionalism
    • Professional Values & Ethics
    • Including Bioethics

    Semester 5

    • Child Health Nursing-I
    • Mental Health Nursing-I
    • Community Health Nursing-I
    • Educational Technology / Nursing Education
    • Introduction to Forensic Nursing and Indian Laws

    Semester 6

    • Child Health Nursing-II
    • Mental Health Nursing-II
    • Nursing Management and Leadership
    • Midwifery/Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG)
    • Nursing - I

    Semester 7

    • Midwifery/Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG)
    • Nursing - I
    • Community Health Nursing-II
    • Nursing Research and Statistics
    • Midwifery/Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing -II

    Semester 7

    • Internship

    Conclusion: What is the BSC Full Form?

    The programme of B.Sc. is a dynamic one that opens a lot of avenues to proud degree holders. Online and Distance Learning modes of study are cost-effective and allow students to learn anywhere at any time. During Online learning, the focus remains on skill development and imparting value-based learning.

    Besides the B.Sc. programmes in the core disciplines such as Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Physics & Zoology, the various reputed Universities in India offer B.Sc. programmes in different industry-related disciplines, e.g., B.Sc.(Agriculture), B.V.Sc.(Veterinary & A.H.), B.F.Sc.(Fisheries Science), B.Sc.(Home Science), B.Sc. (Horticulture), B.Sc.(Microbiology), B.Sc. (Biotechnology), B.Sc. (Forensic Science), B.Sc. (Industrial Pharmacy) etc. Besides the above B.Sc. programmes, certain other reputed Universities offer B.Sc.(Hons.) Food Nutrition & Dietetics, a programme of 4 years duration. It is apparent that the B.Sc. The nursing full form is Bachelor of Science (Nursing), a 4-year degree programme that is much sought after.

    The expert Management of Distance Pathshala ensures the dissemination of useful and pertinent information to aspiring students about the various educational programmes offered by the Universities acclaimed globally.

    The seasoned team of education experts and counsellors of the Distance Pathshala render crucial guidance to aspiring students in their formative years that prove to be a turning point in the development of their careers.

    FAQs: What is the BSC Full Form?

    B.Sc. subjects are Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and Zoology. Besides, B.Sc. programmes are offered in various allied disciplines as well.

    B.Sc.Ag./B.F.Sc.//B.Sc.Home Sc/B.Sc. (Food Tech.)

    It is a very good programme that enriches students with core and fundamental knowledge of scientific principles based on reason and logic. The proud degree holders develop the potential to soak themselves in the industrial and business world perfectly.

    B.Sc. Education is the most pivotal as it opens many opportunities for students to join the private and public sectors, pursue further higher studies or be entrepreneurs.
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