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Top 10 Career Scope in Psychology 2024

The Career Scope in Psychology is remarkable. Psychologists play a vital role in guiding students, industrial workers, staff professionals and patients to lead their lives with enthusiasm and gusto and keep a positive mindset to overcome personal and professional problems.

Top 10  Career Scope in Psychology 2024
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    This blog is written with the purpose of discussing the career scope in Psychology in India. Students have the option to pursue certificate, diploma, UG & PG courses in Psychology. 

    Acquiring skills in the respective fields is of prime importance but equally important is mental toughness and nurturing a positive mindset. 

    A vast majority of people need emotional and motivational counselling and thus career scope in Psychology is enormous across the globe. 

    Learning psychology is essential as it influences right from the very beginning of childhood and remains a governing factor till the end. 

    When we look at the career scope in Psychology, we find that factors like the social stigma attached to approaching a psychologist often act as a stumbling block in taking timely counselling.

    Learning psychology plays a pivotal role in facing the adversities and challenges posed by the uncertainties of time.

    Trained psychologists are needed in large numbers to cater to the growing demand for mental health services. 

    Psychology scope in future is well provided a person has an interest in serving the society at large by counselling and recommending proper line of remedial measures.

    Clinical Psychologists are not Doctors. The doctors in these fields are called Psychiatrists. 

    However, clinical psychologists assist doctors in hospitals after earning a Master’s degree in Psychology from regular/distance learning and obtaining due license. They deal with patients suffering from psychological disorders. 

    On a broad canvas, so far as the career scope in Psychology is concerned, the students get job opportunities in the fields of social work, counselling, legal, research and education. 

    Career scope in Psychology involves launching crusades to dispel doubts and myths across rural and urban India about the reservations in taking prompt treatment to multitudes of silent ailments.

    Psychology scope in future :

    Jobs in psychology involve responsibilities to purge masses of stress and strain. Career scope in Psychology involves providing positive counselling and treatment to a plethora of ailments ranging from depression, behavioural difficulties and disorders like aggression, anxiety, fear psychosis, bipolar disorders, panic disorders, schizophrenia, cognitive and mood symptoms, obsessive-compulsive disorders(OCD) and claustrophobia.

    Importance of learning psychology: 

    Women experience most symptoms of depression during the menopausal transition including postpartum depression. Considering the growing demand, the career scope in Psychology is enormous.

    School-going children, youth and middle-aged also experience stress and strain and often feel morose and dejected owing to various social and lack of emotional support. 

    Negative mood and negative attitude can be attributable to a lot many psychological or social conditions.

    Psychology courses play a pivotal role in the overall performance of sportspeople during the matches. It counts a lot at national and international level tournaments. 

    Psychology courses also play a crucial role across labour-intensive industries in different sectors.

    Duration of B.A. Psychology:

    The B.A. psychology course duration is 3 years.

    Eligibility for BA Psychology:

    A candidate must have completed 10+2 with a minimum of 50-55% aggregate from a recognized board. 

    For pursuing an undergraduate programme of BA Psychology, a candidate need not have studied Mathematics at 10+2 level. However, mathematics may be required for carrying out further research and statistical analysis. 

    Entrance Examinations:

    Some of the recognized entrance exams for admission to B.A. Psychology courses are DUET, JMI, BHU-UET, NPAT, TISS BAT, IPU CET, JNUEE, & CUET. 

    Topics covered in learning psychology at the undergraduate level : 

    Topics covered during in first year : 

    The topics such as Sensory Process and Perception, Gestalt Theory of Perception, Physiological Effects of Correlation, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Developmental Psychology, Intelligence, Memory and Forgetting, Physiological Effects of CorrelationEndocrine Glands, Heredity and Environment

    Determinants of Attention, Psychology & Education relations.

    Topics covered during in second year : 

    Social Psychology, Social Interaction, Assessment of Intelligence, Public Opinion and Propaganda, Frequency Distribution, Measures of Central Tendency, Work and Environment, Introduction to Industrial Psychology, Attention Span and determinants of Abnormal behaviour.

    Topics covered during in third year : 

    Self in Psychoanalysis, Psychological Tests, Aptitude and Personality Tests, Developmental Psychology, Guidance and Counselling, Non-Test Appraisal Techniques, Special Areas of CounsellingDiversity and Multiculturalism, and Methods of Counselling.

    Elaborate 3-year study brightens the prospects of securing psychology degree jobs.

    Jobs for psychology students :

    Learning psychology helps learners secure psychology degree jobs.

    Jobs in psychology are:-

    1. Career Counsellors- They guide people in making important career decisions.  They keep themselves abreast with the latest career options and job market trends. Their psychology salary is in the range of Rs. 2.5 to 3 LPA.
    1. Social Workers- They either individually or by joining NGOs, provide psychological help to the needy and ensure improvement and growth of people in need. They show empathy and exemplary courage to motivate people who need psychological guidance. Their psychology salary is in the range of Rs. 2 to 2.5 LPA.
    1. Clinical Psychologists- They work in clinics, hospitals & nursing homes and provide psychotherapy to needy patients. They minutely examine and assess the behavioural disorders and act as per the recovery plan. Their psychology salary is in the range of Rs. 3-4 LPA.
    1. Teacher- The teaching profession, is at the top of the list for Jobs for psychology students, especially for those learners who are passionate about imparting impactful learning to young students. Avenues for Jobs for Psychology students are further opened if they upgrade their skills by earning a master's degree in Psychology.  Teaching Jobs for psychology students having master’s or Ph.D. are plenty in Universities and Colleges. At the initial stage their psychology salary is in the range of Rs. 3 to 4 LPA. Highest paying jobs in the world are in the teaching sector.
    1. Corporate counsellors- They are engaged by industrial houses to counsel employees to reduce their work stress increase productivity and help create a healthy, conducive and harmonious working environment. Their psychology salary is in the range of Rs. 12 to 22 LPA.
    1. Sports psychology- They are responsible for developing a positive psyche in the minds of the sports persons to make them physically, emotionally and mentally strong. Sports psychologists encourage the sportspersons to maintain cool and calm while executing their shots. The salary in sports psychology is in the range of Rs. 10-15 LPA.
    1. School Psychologists- They provide academic, personal and career guidance to the students by examining their strengths and weaknesses and motivating them to be successful leaders. Their psychology salary is in the range of Rs. 3.5 to 15 LPA.
    1. Health Psychologists- They work on the emotional and psychological aspects of individuals in the context of their health issues or illnesses and recommend and help them implement healthcare strategies to ensure patient’s physical and emotional well-being. Their psychology salary is in the range of Rs. 8 to 11 LPA.
    1. Psychotherapists- They are trained to closely study the changing patterns in the behaviour of individuals and address their mental disorders by implementing effective recovery management plans. Their psychology salary is in the range of Rs. 4 to 6 LPA.

    There are many Jobs for psychology students in the specific fields of -criminal psychology &  social psychology as well. In addition, the students also explore job opportunities to become Child psychologists, Community Health Officers or Daycare supervisors and earn a handsome salary package. 

    Students prefer to do BA Psychology undergraduate programmes from reputed Colleges Delhi University & other reputed colleges such as St. Xavier College, Mumbai & Christ University, and Bangalore. 

    IGNOU’s B.A. Honours Psychology (BAPCH)

    Minimum Duration: 3 Years; Maximum Duration: 6 Years

    Course Fee: Rs. 11,400 [The Fees Structure is, Rs. 4500/- per year + Rs 600/- (Practical Fee to be paid every year)].

    Minimum Age: No bar; Maximum Age: No bar

    Eligibility: 10+2 or its equivalent.

    B.A.(Hon.) The psychology programme at IGNOU comprises fourteen Core courses. Each course is of six credits, spread over six semesters of your programme. 

    The core courses and the discipline-specific electives offer a basic perspective on behaviour and individual differences, lifespan psychology, behaviour in the social context, application of psychology in diverse fields, and conducting research in psychology.

    Conclusion Of Career Scope in Psychology

    The Career Scope in Psychology is remarkable. Psychologists play a vital role in guiding students, industrial workers, staff professionals and patients to lead their lives with enthusiasm and gusto and keep a positive mindset to overcome personal and professional problems. 

    The job of a Psychologist involves deploying the listening abilities, communication skills and flair to show empathy and affection to ensure a speedy recovery of their patients.

    Online learning is very popular amongst aspiring students, working professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to continue to do justice to their personal and professional commitments while simultaneously studying in Online and Distance Learning mode. 

    The degrees earned through UGC-DEB Universities are equivalent to those earned through conventional mode. 

    Online programmes provide flexibility to learn at your very own pace without hampering your current income. 

    The seasoned and able educational counsellors of the Distance Pathshala help aspiring students find the best Online and Distance learning certificates, diplomas, UG & PG programmes from reputed Online Universities at a very cost-effective programme fee which is within their budget. 

    Grab the seats for your choice of Online programmes by immediately connecting to expert educational counsellors of the Distance Pathshala.

    FAQs Of Career Scope in Psychology

    Even children and youth brigades are becoming victims of disorders like anxiety and depression. There is a lot of career scope in Psychology, especially in educational institutions, industries, sports complexes clubs and hospitals.

    Yes, those learners who have empathy and love to serve mankind like to help society by providing vital counselling at this crucial juncture.

    The career scope in Psychology involves the job roles of Career Counsellors, Sports psychologists, Teachers, Clinical Psychologists, Corporate counsellors and Social Workers.

    Corporate counsellors and sports Psychologists are the highest paying.
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