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How Edtech Helps Teachers Through Offering Learning Possibilities?

Educator Empowerment through Edtech's Learning Opportunities

How Edtech Helps Teachers Through Offering Learning Possibilities?
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Introduction Of Edtech

Total Internet Subscribers in India as of March 2022 was 824.89 Million. The rapid penetration of the internet and broadband has made it possible to disseminate information and quality education to the teeming millions of students in an effective and engaging manner across the length and breadth of the country. The young generation is well accustomed to the rapid changes brought in by the technological advancements India has witnessed recently. Edtech has used the country's telecommunications progress to its advantage.

When all other sectors like Medicine, Transport, Banking and Finance and the like have all taken advantage of the meteoric advancements in technology, the humongous education sector in India, which has an intertwining and intricate well-established web of roots, based on ancient culture and traditions has started taking optimum advantage of the same in delivery of lectures, classroom sessions in Online mode over the internet.

A massive open online course (MOOC), an open online course makes possible unlimited participation of the target population through open access via the Web. The dissemination of information, and holding interactive sessions with renowned faculties by not wiggling an inch out from the cocoons of one’s comfort zone, are all being made possible by the expert professionals of Edtech companies who tailor and design the course modules to deliver this Online mode to masses without making them dissipate their energy a bit in reaching out to college venues after facing traffic snarls and other hassles.

The Edtech industry has expertise both in academics and industry; thus the delivery of the course content by such professionals is immaculate. That creates a long-lasting impact on the minds of the students who avail the services of the Edtech companies. Edtech companies have vast scope in India as they maintain the paraphernalia and ensure seamless delivery of the course content over the Web. 

Edtech companies are equipped with the tools and techniques including Tablets, computers, projection screens, and whiteboards for ensuring content delivery to its target population in real-time. The computer-savvy students find ease of learning in Web proctored mode. The teachers and faculties deliver in an engaging manner that keeps the students engrossed in the topics and subjects taught by the tutor Online.

Ed-tech full form of which is Educational technology put to use computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice in a very effective and impactful manner. The rich e-Libraries are made available to the students by the tech industry to its target population by providing them access to derive immense benefits in their journey of the program. 

Edtech meaning can best be understood both by teachers and students with a pragmatic mind. We need to appreciate the benefits of EdTech that the Edtech industry provides to us all. The huge geographical barriers that are otherwise posed are blurred by the Online delivery of lectures by the Edtech industry.

The teachers, who are conservative need to adjust and accommodate to the environment of the new ways of delivery of course content through Edtech over the Web.

The assignments & projects are given to the students Online and the students need to submit their tasks in the stipulated time Online. The entire process of Online delivery of Lectures over the internet is eco-friendly as it saves paper in huge proportion. The students are relieved of carrying the load of the school bag. The trained educational professionals deployed by the Edtech industry even explain the concepts and principles to the students through virtual Labs, simulation software, and coding platforms. 

The Prowess of Edtech:

Edtech allows the teachers to devise their own innovative ways and methods in case the course is asynchronous. There is scope for the tech industry to deploy the tools and techniques of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to keep the learner immersed in the topics. Artificial Intelligence(AI) feature of recognizing patterns in data and automating functions has immense potential in transforming the delivery of course content material in an impactful manner to the students sitting miles and miles away in some remote villages and despite the geographical barriers, keep the students engaged and engrossed in the Lectures and virtual classroom sessions.

Conclusion Of Edtech

With the rapid advancement of technology, there is a paradigm shift in pedagogy.

The Online mode of teaching has immense potential to impart teaching to the students without creating an atmosphere of strict regimen, otherwise enforced by default, in the conventional mode of learning. 

The students, in Online mode, have bid adieu to the requirement of proper dress code and the unknown fear often posed by the classroom sessions held in the conventional mode. 

Personalised attention to each and every student is possible as the students are provided with Online access to connect with the faculties during the live virtual classes. The conduct of examinations in the Web proctored mode is a unique feature that the Edtech companies afford to their students.  

The students get rid of the hassle of appearing in the examinations by visiting the designated Centres. The Edtech industry is going to witness a big boom as the edtech gov is also evolving in a big way.  The National Education Policy 2020 has already envisaged edtech gov.

FAQs Of Edtech

Edtech meaning education technology, signifies immersion of technological advancement in pedagogy. In-classroom tablets, interactive projection screens and whiteboards, online content delivery, and MOOCs are some of the tools and practices used in EdTech.

The latest set of resources makes teaching more engaging and effective. Edtech is bringing a paradigm shift in the education system.

Edtech means Educational technology.

Educational technology employs computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.
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