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How to Make the Most of Digital University: Benefits & Types

Digital universities are the future of higher education in India. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of digital universities and how you can make the most of it.

How to Make the Most of Digital University: Benefits & Types
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    2023 appears to be the year of change, innovation, and internationalization for higher education in India. This article will brief you on "How to Make the Most of Digital University: Benefits and Types". 

    Also, you will learn about India's first digital University, Digital Initiatives in higher education, National Digital University, Digital University Kerala, EdYoda Digital University, and Digital University in India. 

    We will also cover the National Digital University Courses and Mia Digital University Reviews to provide more vast knowledge about Digital University.

    Recently, the UGC reported two significant breakthroughs. The first is the proclamation allowing foreign universities to establish campuses in India. The National Digital University (NDU) was founded second. Gamification, ed-tech expansion, upgrading skills, and the emergence of the virtual world education models are among the top themes for this year. 

    However, "Nano-learning" is anticipated to take the lead as millennials and young professionals search for ways to enhance their competencies and study in a more effective, efficient, and time-saving manner. India is striving diligently to achieve the National Education Policy 2020 objectives. The administration has therefore implemented these reforms.

    What Do You Mean by Digital University? 

    The term "digital university" has become more common in academic circles and among students since the initiative was declared an essential step to be taken by the National Education Policy along with the Union government of India in the National Budget 2023 released this year.

    But before we get into anything else, what exactly is a Digital University? 

    As its name implies, a "digital university" is a university that runs entirely on digital technology, i.e., through online resources.

    As a result, in a digital university, the teaching and learning processes for all courses are conducted using ICT measures (digital and electronic measures) in a virtual setting.

    A digital university strives to be a full-service institution that can only offer students various online courses in various formats. This is close to the concept of online educational courses.

    • ​Certification Courses
    • ​Degree Courses​
    • Diploma Courses

    Therefore, the concept of a digital university is fundamentally a creative fusion of several Indian educational frameworks already in place, including online learning, open distance learning (ODL), and Ed-Tech initiatives. 

    Keep reading further in this article, and you will learn about India's first Digital University, Digital Initiatives in higher education, National Digital University, Digital University Kerala, EdYoda Digital University, and Digital University in India.

    Actions by the Government for a Digital University?

    The National Budget 2023 and the National Education Policy (NEP) have included the concept of a central digital university that will be pursued shortly. The current administration's actions in the education sector, particularly the creation of the National Digital University and the Digital Initiatives in the Higher Education System, must be considered at all costs. 

    Below is a summary of current events and actions performed by the Government of India (GoI) and several statutory organizations, including the University Grants Commission (UGC), for your reference.

    In consultation with organizations like AICTE, UGC, and other stakeholders, the Department of Education has suggested that establishing the University begin with an immediate effect.

    PM Narendra Modi has proposed the creation of a central national digital university as a parliamentary act as part of the government's digital strategy for the higher education sector. This is a remarkable step in Digital Initiatives in the country's higher education system.

    • The UGC also intends to create new rules for online education, allowing institutions with NIRF rankings in the top 100 and NAAC ratings of 2.36 or higher to offer online courses without seeking prior approval from the UGC-DEB.
    • In addition, under the most recent UGC regulations, 40% of the necessary credit points may be gained from institutions other than the one in which a student is enrolling. The main goal of this initiative is to advance online learning in India.
    • Along with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), UGC has partnered to create Common Service Centers (CSCs), which would give students in rural or impoverished areas access to high-speed internet and other technological resources for online learning.
    • The government also suggests that universities, colleges, and other organizations work together with Ed-tech platforms so that top universities may deliver distance-learning programs through these online platforms of Digital Universities.

    What is National Digital University and its Operations in India?

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the National Digital University on January 1, 2023, as a stepping stone of digital initiative in higher education. Consequently, we came across India's First Digital University, and now India can deepen its roots and even try to internationalize higher education digitally. 

    Consequently, it has become a desirable study location for students from other countries. After this decision, digital University in India has received recognition nationwide.

    The academic year 2023–2024 will mark the operations of the National Digital University. It will function with its partner universities, which may be private or public institutions. The partner universities will be the "spokes", and the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) portal will serve as the "hub" of this system. 

    It will initially only provide certificate and diploma programs before expanding to include degrees. There are some specific courses offered by digital universities, so further in this article, we will share the list of national digital university courses for your reference.

    The institution will use SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) to host courses. Samarth, the government site, will be used for IT and other administrative functions. 

    What Advantages Does the National Digital University Offer? 

    The following issues are what the University seeks to address: 

    1. Seats at public and private universities are frequently limited. NDU, on the contrary, provides endless space for all courses.

    2. It emphasizes the development of skills 

    3. It offers the choice of obtaining higher education degrees online.

    4. It advances the "Digital India" movement.

    5. Because it will offer numerous programs in emerging fields, it will improve the country's overall employability.

    6. It aims to raise the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) and aspires to achieve 50% GER by 2030.

    Rewards of a Digital University

    A Digital University will grant the following benefits to students:

    Education from a National digital university will save the effort, money, and time spent looking for a traditional university. Sometimes, large-scale student migration occurs in search of learning centers, which displaces younger students and prevents them from accessing local support systems. An online environment will protect the roots of the students.

    It would help resolve questions about a course and its relevance to more critical concerns in life. A student unwilling to leave his city or village will benefit from this.

     It is beneficial to reduce costs and make learning affordable. Because of the digital initiative in higher education, there is no need to select pricey courses for your future studies.

     It will assist in obtaining a wide range of options. A pupil conducting his search will find a wide range of possibilities. No one needs to lead him astray.

    More personalized learning and increased retention are anticipated to result from this. One who chooses the digital world knows his surroundings and personal space.

    Is there any Digital University in India?

    Now, Let's find India's first digital University, Digital University Kerela, EdYoda digital university, and Digital University in India. 

    Digital University Kerala

    The Digital University Kerala is one of the digital initiatives in higher education, which was founded in 2020 by the Kerala Digital University Act to offer top-notch educational services by utilizing digital tools.

    The institution now has three PG programs that can be done entirely online. The DUK (Digital University Kerala) offers the following courses:

    • Doctoral Programmes
    • ​Post-Doctoral Education​
    • ​Diploma Programmes​
    • ​Post Graduate Programmes​

    The University also helps students create a thorough resume by offering them grants for continuing their education. The Digital University in India provides students with scholarships to pursue their education.

    It has all the necessary plans to help them develop a comprehensive thoughtful of the concepts and a good network with faculty, industry experts, and peers.

    Digital University Kerala
    National Digital University Courses

    MBA for Working Professionals (On-Campus)
    M.Sc in Computer Science
    M.Sc in Data Analytics
    M.Sc in Electronics
    ​M.Sc in Ecology
    ​Doctoral Programmes
    Post-Doctoral Programme
    PG Diploma in Development Informatics
    PG Diploma in e-Governance
    M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
    M.Tech in Electronics Engineering
    M.Tech in Electronic Product Design
    Scholarship Facility
    Placement Facility
    Mode of Education

    Another Digital university will be established in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 

    EdYoda Digital University

    EdYoda Digital University has taken another level of digital initiatives in higher education by re-imagining skill-based education and educating students on job-related to real-world skills.

    The free self-paced courses are now used for learning by more than 200,000 individuals. EdYoda Digital University offers job-ready programs for students who require guidance and mentoring. Moreover, this digital University in India guarantees that students will have employment after training at their digital University. 

    Edyoda teaches technical skills that are useful in the workplace. This digital University in India offers courses that specialize in include Web development, mobile app development, cloud & devops, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data. We have a qualified staff of instructors.

    More than 1400 graduates from the instructor-led programmes are working for eminent companies, including Bosch, Cerner, Amazon, and 200 more businesses. The most significant facilitator at EdYoda is access to opportunity and education. EdYoda was created to connect our learners with the best employment possibilities.

    Now, let's know about Mia Digital University

    MIA Digital University

    It is an international leader in online education; the University offers master's and diploma programs in various subject areas that are available and accessible online. 

    Our goal is to prepare for the next generation of citizens worldwide by equipping students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to thrive in today's dynamic job market. 

    The goal of the master's degree programs in online business, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology was to educate the next group of astute leaders, managers, and businesspeople. 

    The master's degree programs at MIA Digital University are recognized by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and confer 60 ECTS, or 1.500 hours of instruction, to graduates. 

    All master's degree programs are dual-degree programs with UDIMA- the Universidad a Distance de Madrid, which the Ministry of Education recognizes in Spain (ANECA). Mia Digital University's reviews are also positive. You can check out this digital University as well for your career growth.

    With the dual-degree master's program, students can earn two distinctive credentials and a degree formally recognized by UDIMA and MIA Digital University. 

    Students who enrol in dual degree programs have a competitive advantage while seeking employment in interdisciplinary disciplines and advancing their careers internationally.

    Reasons for Choosing MIA Digital University

    • Form a global perspective of the key rising business sectors.
    • Utilize a flexible and interactive way to study online.
    • Join a community of international students and professionals.
    • Learn cutting-edge technology skills that will help you succeed in the workplace.
    • Get in-depth training that will help you enhance your career.

    Also, the famous World Universities Rankings, QS- Quacquarelli Symonds, had awarded MIA Digital University four stars. The University's four QS stars demonstrate its brilliance and commitment to online education through cutting-edge technologies and creative engagement tools. 

    The University earned four QS stars in the ensuing categories through data gathering and performance analysis.

    • Teaching: faculty-student ratio and student satisfaction
    • Commitment to online learning
    • Employment rate and career service support
    • Student interaction
    • Faculty engagement
    • Technology integration

    Conclusion of How to Make the Most of Digital University

    Why Would a Student Choose a Digital University? 

    As a student, you might wonder why you should consider attending a digital university rather than a traditional one for your higher education. 

    Here are some of the top characteristics of a digital university that could make it a wise decision for your higher education:

    • There won't be any restrictions on the number of seats available for a course at a digital university, so you can enrol without worrying that all the available seats will be taken. As a result, you can enrol in the program of your choice with few requirements.
    • Online learning is more economical than traditional full-time education.

    So that more students can benefit from easy access to the courses while avoiding the burden of high costs. You can handle languages like Hindi and English because the future digital University will offer educational programs in all of India's regional languages so that you can take lessons in your language. 

    The digital University will help students further their education because it will let them enrol in classes without the burden of moving and in a flexible way.

    FAQs of How to Make the Most of Digital University

    A digital university is an online institution that aims to advance online education in India and enhance the youth population's access to higher learning. Courses for diplomas, certificates, and degrees will be available at the National Digital University. It is anticipated to start operating in the 2023–24 academic year.

    You can start a national digital university by giving employees digital training. Staff members who are fully engaged and well-trained in using technology to design and deliver courses are essential to creating the ideal digital environment.

    To know the answer to this question, you must ponder your skill set, knowledge and interest area. You can decide on the best degree course based on some of these essential parameters.

    In 2023, India will open its first digital University to offer flexible higher education options and enhance employment in developing fields.
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