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How to Become a Data Scientist: A Complete Guide[ 2024]

The purpose of this blog is to find out how to become a Data Scientist and provide a Complete Guide[ 2024] to the learners. Data scientists, through their data analytics & data engineering skills, collect, analyse, and interpret large volumes of data and extract relevant information from it with the objective of bringing exponential growth in business.

How to Become a Data Scientist: A Complete Guide[ 2024]
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    The purpose of this blog is to find out how to become a Data Scientist and provide a Complete Guide[ 2024] to the learners.

    Data scientists, through their data analytics & data engineering skills, collect, analyse, and interpret large volumes of data and extract relevant information from it with the objective of bringing exponential growth in business. 

    An MS in data science degree accelerates the career progression of the proud degree holders. 

    Data scientists apply their mathematical, statistical, and programming skills to analyse and interpret the data available to companies. Companies use data engineering insights to create future business strategies.

    Data Scientists are in great demand by the big multinational brands, it is becoming critical and competitive for them to have a data scientist who can help them derive the optimum benefits of their available data.

    The professionals aim to acquire data scientist skills by gaining knowledge and skills in Python, generative AI, Tableau & machine learning.

    E&ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur & Simplilearn Course in Data Science:

    The E&ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur in collaboration with Simplilearn offers the Professional Certificate Course in Data Science.

    This programme, offered through this trio equips the learners with the data scientist skills. The 11-month course for data scientists gives insights into generative AI. 

    Simplilearn provides assistance in job placement by facilitating your job profile noticed by the leading companies. 

    The programme is suited for Software Engineers/professionals who aspire to become data scientists/ developers. A commerce graduate can also pursue this Data Science course.

    In order to enable students to become professional data scientists, the course provides data science training including modules on Generative AI, prompt data engineering, and various AI models to make learners ready to face the problems of the real world. 

    In this programme, the distinguished IIT Kanpur faculties equip the participants with data scientist skills. The learners also benefited from the live sessions from the industry experts. 

    Eligibility Criteria for Data Scientist Course:

    A candidate must possess a bachelor's degree from a recognised University with a minimum average score of 50%. Prior knowledge/experience of 2 years or more in programming and mathematics is preferred. 

    Program Duration of data scientist course: 

    11 months

    Data Scientist Course Fee: 

    The total course fee for becoming a Data Scientist is Rs. 1,45,000/-

    During the 11-month programme of data engineering, the students/ learners are provided experiential learning involving various industry projects like the following:-

    1.)Sales Analysis by using Python to analyze the company's sales data across Australian states, helping them to make informed decisions.

    2.) Employee Performance Analysis by creating ML models to understand factors influencing employee turnover. Using clustering, SMOTE techniques, and K-fold cross-validation to analyze performance and recommend future strategies.

    3.) E-commerce to improve better recommendations to customers. Build and modify the ML algorithm to help increase revenue per customer of the companies. 

    4.) Conduct exploratory data analysis and clustering to build a sound recommendation system.

    5.) Interactive Sales Dashboard by creating an interactive Tableau dashboard to facilitate ad hoc analysis.

    6.) Crime Analysis with Tableau to keep police and administrative officials updated on crime statistics.

    7.) Marketing Strategies using exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing to help a marketing department build more effective customer acquisition strategies.

    8.) By developing an eCommerce app using Python and its libraries to categorise, add, or remove cart items and support various payment options.

    9.) Weather Prediction by developing models to predict weather patterns.

    10.) Credit Card Fraud Analysis by applying data science and machine learning techniques to identify fraudulent credit card transactions.

    Online Manipal University:

    Online Manipal is a UGC-entitled University with an NAAC A++ accreditation. Online Manipal University’s M.Sc. in Data Science is of 24 months duration. 

    During this MS in data science program, the students are given an in-depth knowledge of data science and machine learning, computer languages, statistical concepts, and big data analytics. 

    The programme of data science and machine learning requires a minimum commitment of 15-20 hours/week.

    Programme Fee

    The programme fee for the two years M.Sc.Data Science is INR 2,60,000 (INR 65,000 each semester)

    Eligibility for M.Sc. Data Science:

    A candidate with a 10+2+3 year graduate degree in Statistics / Mathematics / Computer Science / Engineering / Technology or any other discipline from a recognised University or an equivalent qualification recognised by the Association of Indian Universities(AIU) and having studied Mathematics or Statistics for a minimum of two years. Work experience is desirable. 

    Syllabus of M.Sc. Data Science:

    Semester 1


    Computational Mathematics

    Linear Regression Models

    Probability and Probability Distribution

    Categorical Data Analysis & Generalised Linear Models

    Programming with R & Python

    Distributed Algorithms and Optimisation with Hadoop and Spark

    Statistical Inference

    Stochastic processes

    Database Management

    Design and Analysis of Experiments


    Mini Project

    Semester 3

    Semester 4 

    Longitudinal Data Analysis

    Programming in SAS for Analytics

    Machine Learning Methods

    Applied Data Analytics

    Deep Learning and text mining

    Research Methodology

    Bayesian Statistical Modelling

    Capstone Project

    Elective 1 (Choose one):

    1) Health Technology Assessment

    2) Image processing and analytics


    Elective 2 (Choose one):

    1) Nonparametric and Nonlinear Regression Models

    2) Time Series Analysis"


    Coursera Courses:

    The Coursera courses provide opportunities to earn Online professional certificates from prestigious Universities and Institutions. 

    Coursera enables the various certification programs in Data Science. The notable ones include:-

    • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
    • SAS Certified Data Scientist
    • Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)
    • IBM Data Scientist Professional Certificate
    • Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst
    • Dell EMC Data Scientist Track (EMCDS)
    • Google Professional Data Analytics Certification
    • Tensorflow Data Scientist Certificate.

    One such important course in Data Science, offered by Coursera is in partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder. The programme is 100% Online. 

    This course is designed to prepare learners to design Statistical Modeling for Data Science Applications, which is part of CU Boulder's Master of Science in Data Science (MS-DS) program. 

    The learners, after completion of the course, get in-depth knowledge and skills about Integrals, Matrix Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Algebra, Differential Calculus and Derivatives. Students practise to know about the logarithm functions that behave graphically.

    During the certification course, videos and quizzes are organised to upgrade the skills of the participants in a very effective and efficient manner. 

    Participants can access lectures and assignments after their enrollment in the course. 

    In case participants opt for audit mode, they are entitled to see most of the course materials for free. 

    However, to earn a Coursera Career Certificate, the participants need to buy the Certificate experience during or after their audit.

    A 7-day free trial is provided during which learners can cancel their enrollment without inviting any penalty.

    Program Cost: 

    The program cost of the MS-DS on Coursera is $525 per credit hour. 

    Total Credit Hours Required:

    The program of MS-DS requires a total of 30 credit hours of coursework, so the total program cost is $525x30=$15,750. 

    Uttaranchal University Online: 

    Uttaranchal University, a UGC entitled with having NAAC A+ Grade, offers a Master of Computer Applications(MCA) programme. 

    During this MCA programme, the learners are equipped with the computer languages and other AI models that are taught during the MS in Data Science programme.

    Students also get in-depth knowledge of core topics such as Computer Organization and Architecture, Discrete Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Python programming, Data Structure, AI, Soft computing, Information Security, Database Management Systems and Web Technology. 

    Duration: 2 Years(Total of 4 semesters)

    Recommended Commitment: 8-10 hours/week

    Model: Live + Recorded content

    Program Fee: If paid Semester-wise, Rs. 20,500 per Semester(Total fee Rs. 82,000/-); If paid yearly Rs. 40,000 per year( Total fee Rs. 80,000/-). Online degrees are very cost-effective. 

    A dedicated mentor and e-book through the Integrated Learning Management System are provided for the assistance of students. 

    Uttaranchal University also provides career assistance & exclusive Virtual Job Fairs.

    Eligibility criteria: A candidate must have passed B.C.A/ B.Sc. (Computer Science)/ B.Sc. (IT) / B.E. (CSE)/ B.Tech. (CSE) / B.E. (IT) / B.Tech. (IT) or equivalent Degree from a recognised University.


    A candidate who has any graduation degree (e.g.: B.E. / B.Tech. / B.Sc / B.Com. / B.A./ B. Voc./ etc.,) preferably with Mathematics at 10+2 level or at Graduation level and has obtained a minimum of 50% marks (45% marks in case of reserved category candidates) in the qualifying examination.


    Semester 1


    OOPS using C++

    Operating System

    Computer Organization and Architecture

    Discrete Mathematics

    Financial Accounting






    Semester 2

    Python Programming

    Data Structure

    Software Engineering

    Data Communication and Networking

    Theory of Computation






    Semester 3

    Database Management System

    Web Technology

    Information Security

    Artificial Intelligence

    Soft Computing






    Semester 4

    Capstone Project

    Comprehensive Viva-Voce



    In the list of the top recruiters, the companies who hire students are Airtel, Mahindra, Tech Mahindra, Royal Enfield, Google, ITC, Dell, HCL, Amazon HDFC Bank and many more.  

    Conclusion Of Data Scientist

    An MS in data science is the most sought-after programme. Various Universities & institutions offer programmes in data science. 

    Working professionals prefer to upgrade their skills by enrolling themselves in the most coveted certificate Online courses in Data Science to ensure their rapid career progression.

    Considering the cheap programme fee structure and high returns, the Return on Investment in earning Online and Distance Learning degrees is very high.

    The expert counsellors of the Distance Pathshala offer free-of-cost guidance to the students aspiring for enrolment in the Online and Distance Learning Programmes offered by the UGC entitled and NAAC graded Universities and Colleges. 

    Students must hurry up to contact the experienced, polite, courteous and professional counsellors of the Distance Pathshala to get enrolled in the best-suited Online programmes from the best Online Universities.

    FAQs Of Data Scientist

    A Data Scientist, by using AI and ML models and carrying out predictive analysis, helps companies make informed business decisions.

    A candidate with a 10+2+3 year graduate degree in Statistics / Mathematics / Computer Science / Engineering / Technology or any other discipline(studied Mathematics or Statistics for at least 2 years) from a recognised University is eligible.

    Data Science is an amalgamation of technical and business acumen. It is more inclined towards the IT field.
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