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Top 15 Online Certification Courses Offering High Salary In India

The aim of this blog is to explore the top 15 Online Certification Courses offering high salaries in India. In the context of India, Online Certificate courses assume considerable significance as more than 50% of its population is below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. The conventional method of study alone is not enough to cater to such a large population of 140.76 crores.

Top 15 Online Certification Courses Offering High Salary In India
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    This blog aims to explore the top 15 Online Certification Courses offering high salaries in India. 

    In the context of India, Online Certificate courses assume considerable significance as more than 50% of its population is below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. The conventional method of study alone is not enough to cater to such a large population of 140.76 crores.  

    Through the Online certificate courses, the youth find opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

    Most of the big brand companies and esteemed Universities and Colleges offer Online Certificate Courses that immensely help learners ensure their career progression at an accelerated pace. 

    During the Online certificate courses, the focus remains on offering job-oriented courses in the fields of e.g. Arts and Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Account Management, Accounting, Accounting Software etc. 

    Coursera courses: 

    Various Online Coursera courses offered through its platform provide in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and techniques deployed in carrying out different tasks.

    There is a long list of Coursera courses which offer Google courses/Google Grow certificate courses as well.

    More than 7000 Coursera courses are available at the price of ₹4,919/month with the freedom to cancel anytime or ₹33,272/year with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

    Through AI Models, the best online courses to the tune of 4000 have been made available in Hindi language. A few noteworthy and popular Coursera courses are detailed below:-

    Google certificate courses: 

    Google certificate courses or the Google courses include the Google Data Analytics Certificate course which is hosted on Coursera through online certificate programs for jobs.

    The learners get in-depth knowledge to analyse and process data to gain key business insights during the 7 courses of a total duration of  216 hours. The tools used are Regression analysis, Python, Translating data and insights, Power of Statistics and Machine learning.


    Google certificate courses also include the Google Cybersecurity Certificate course with its 8 Courses of a total of 181 hours. The best online courses provide hands-on, practice-based training.

    With this Coursera course, the learners can earn aprofessional certificate from Google. 

    The Google courses include the Google Cybersecurity Certificate which immensely helps learners prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam, and the certification for cybersecurity roles as well. 

    Coursera Career Certificate

    Coursera offers a User Experience Design course with professional training designed by Google that enables users to interact with products like Websites, Apps and physical objects. These are the online certificate programs for jobs.

    For this online certificate course, there is no experience required. The learners use design tools like Figma and Adobe XD. 

    These certificate courses prepare the learners for entry-level jobs. The learners are provided with in-depth knowledge of the design process including creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes, testing designs and iterating on designs based on feedback.  

    These Online certification classes require a commitment of about 10 hours per week for 6 months to complete the course successfully. 

    Google offers the best online courses. Google classes online are offered on the Coursera platform. The following are the Google classes online that provide Google Grow certificates:-

    • Google Data Analytics
    • Google Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
    • Google IT Support
    • Google Cybersecurity
    • Google Project Management
    • Google UX Design
    • Google Business Intelligence
    • Google IT Automation with Python
    • Google Ads for Beginners
    • Google Advanced Data Analytics
    • Meta Front-end Developer
    • Introduction to Generative AI

    Eureka courses :

    Eureka offers Online certificate courses at the level of foundation and entrance to promote extensive science talent amongst the students. 

    Eureka courses enable students to grasp complex mathematical and scientific principles and concepts with ease. Integrated teaching, prepares students for Entrance exams as well as Board exams.

    Eureka courses have curriculum-based, online educational resources for various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English Language for all grades.

    Students can create their free account for Eureka courses e-learning by registering/logging in to its portal. 

    Indian Institute of Skill Development Training (IISDT) :

    To enhance the skills of the youth of India to meet the demand for industrialisation, the Indian Institute of Skill Development Training (IISDT), a premier National Training organisation has been established.

    It is a registered Brand having registration with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs; Niti Ayog NGO Darpan; MSME Registration; Employment Exchange, Ministry of Labour and Employment; Quality Management Certificate; StartUp registration and Skill India Training Partner Registration. 

    IISDT offers training programmes through its 450 authorised Skill Development training centres in India. 

    It imparts training in IT Education, Fire and Safety, Skill Development, Teacher Training, Job Oriented, Yoga Education, etc.

    Indian Institute of Skill Development Training (IISDT) provides placement assistance to all its students completing the courses.

    The list of Authorized Franchise Training Centers:

    • IISDT, Jalandhar, Punjab
    • IISDT, Rath, Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh
    • IISDT, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
    • IISDT, Dhule Maharashtra
    • IISDT, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh
    • IISDT, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
    • IISDT, Satna, Madhya Pradesh
    • IISDT, Baneswarpur, West Bengal
    • IISDT, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu
    • IISDT, Karimganj, Assam
    • IISDT, Haridwar, Uttrakhand
    • IISDT, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh
    • IISDT, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal
    • IISDT, Alote, Ratlam Madhya Pradesh
    • IISDT, Panna, Madhya Pradesh
    • IISDT, Dibrugarh, Assam
    • IISDT, Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh
    • IISDT, Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh
    • IISDT, Erode, Tamil Nadu
    • IISDT, Basoda, Vidisha, Madhya PradeshIISDT, Rudrapur, Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttrakhand 
    • IISDT, Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh
    • IISDT, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
    • IISDT, Karula, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh
    • IISDT, Nagpur, Maharashtra
    • IISDT, Salem, Tamil Nadu
    • IISDT, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu
    • IISDT, Guna, Madhya Pradesh
    • IISDT, Kolkata, West Bengal
    • IISDT, Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir
    • IISDT, Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttrakhand
    • IISDT, Nainital, Uttrakhand
    • IISDT, Pune, Maharashtra
    • IISDT, Sangli, Maharashtra
    • IISDT, Udhampur, Jammu and KashmirIISDT, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
    • IISDT, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
    • IISDT, Patna, Bihar
    • IISDT, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh
    • IISDT, Dhubri, Assam
    • IISDT, Khanna, Punjab
    • IISDT, Bandipora, Kashmir

    Computer science certification courses and other Courses for Certification:

    • Diploma in Tally ERP 9.0
    • Certificate in Data Entry Operator (DEO)
    • Diploma in Computer Application(DCA) Course
    • Goods & Services Tax (GST) Course
    • Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training-NTT
    • Diploma in Yoga

    SWAYAM Certificate courses :

    SWAYAM is a Government of India initiative with the objective to take the best teaching learning resources, free of cost, to all learners. 

    Swayan provides computer science certification courses and other job-oriented courses. During the SWAYAM courses, video lectures are delivered and an online discussion forum is provided. 

    Online reading materials are also provided to the learners. The learners are required to take self-assessment tests/quizzes.

    National Coordinators of SWAYAM:

    To ensure the production and delivery of the best quality content, the following nine National Coordinators have been appointed:-

    1. AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) for self-paced and international courses.
    2. NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) for Engineering.
    3. UGC (University Grants Commission) for non-technical post-graduation education.
    4. CEC (Consortium for Educational Communication) for undergraduate education.
    5. NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) for school education.
    6. NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) for school education.
    7. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) for out-of-school students.
    8. IIMB (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) for management studies.
    9. NITTTR (National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research) for Teacher Training programme.

    SWAYAM Certificate Course of Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics :

    This course is designed as an advanced-level course in thermodynamics and kinetics.  

    Details of the course are as under:-

    Course Status: Upcoming

    Course Type: Elective

    Duration:12 weeks


    Credit Points :3


    Start Date:22 Jan 2024

    End Date:12 Apr 2024

    Enrollment Ends:29 Jan 2024

    Exam Registration Ends:16 Feb 2024

    Date and Time of Exams: 27 April 2024 

    (Morning session 9 am to 12 noon; Afternoon Session 2 pm to 5 pm.)

    Intended Audience: BSc/BS/ Int-MSc (BS-MS) - 3rd year BE/BTech/ Int-MTech - 2nd year MSc/Int-PhD - 1st/2nd year PhD – 1st year

    Prerequisites: Any introductory course on Thermodynamics is preferred but not necessary. 

    Course layout :

    Week 1:  Review of classical thermodynamics: Concept of entropy, Properties of Gibbs free energy, Phase equilibrium of one and two-component systems, Mixtures, Chemical equilibrium.

    Week 2:  Molecular interactions: Dipole moment, Electrical polarisation, Charge-dipole, Dipole-dipole and Dipole-induced dipole interaction, Dispersion interaction.

    Week 3: Transport phenomena: Viscosity, Diffusion (Ficks laws).

    Week 4: Review of chemical kinetics: Reaction mechanism, Kinetic measurements.

    Week 5: Advanced topics in chemical kinetics: Introduction to photochemistry, Kinetics of multicomponent systems: Combustion and Atmospheric chemistry.

    Week 6. Introduction to statistical thermodynamics: Molecular partition function, Boltzmann distribution.

    Week 7: Introduction to bimolecular reaction dynamics: Potential energy surface, Transition state theory.

    Week 8: Unimolecular reactions (Lindemann-Christiansen model (Introductory discussion on Hinshelwood and RRK/RRKM models).

    Week 9: Introduction to solution phase reaction dynamics: Cage effect, Diffusion controlled reactions, Polar solvation, Marcus theory of electron transfer.

    Week 10: Non-ideal solutions, Activity of ions (Debye-Huckel theory).

    Week 11: Electrochemistry: Insights into electrode processes, Ionic conductivity.

    Week 12: Lab demonstration (including illustrations): 1) Transport phenomena: Coefficient of viscosity, 2) Chemical kinetics:  Hydrolysis of an ester, 3) Photochemistry: Degradation of a dye, 4) Reaction dynamics: Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy.

    IGNOU courses:

    The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, has been continuously imparting state-of-the-art Online certificate courses to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education.

    Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) offers various online certificate courses through its various schools. 

    The most  popular online certification classes are the following:-

    1. Certificate in French Language (CFLOL):

    Minimum Duration: 

    6 Months; Maximum Duration: 2 Years.

    Course Fee: Rs. 6,600 for Indian nationals.

    Programme Fee for SAARC Students in INR(Rs.): 10,000.00/- ; For NON SAARC Students in US($): 700.00/- for Full Programme

    (Exam Fees are separate)

    Minimum Age: 

    18 Years


    10+2 or Equivalent

    2.Certificate in Spanish Language and Culture (CSLCOL)

    This online certificate in Spanish language is organised into 02 courses (Basics of Spanish Language and Culture -1 and Basics of Spanish Language and Culture -2) of 08 credits each, adding to a total of 16 credits. 

    Through the Online certification classes, the students acquire linguistic skills & are accustomed to the cultural diversity and history of Spain and Latin America. 

    Students get the opportunity to explore Hispanic culture, customs, traditions, festivals, art, music, architecture, historical figures, pop culture and cinema.

    The curriculum online certificate courses have been designed as per Plan Curricular del Instituto Cervantes (PCIC) & the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL, Council of Europe).

    Minimum Duration: 

    6 Months; Maximum Duration: 2 Years

    Course Fee: 

    Rs. 4,500 Programme Fee for National Students; For SAARC Students in INR(Rs.): 7,500.00/-; For NON SAARC Students in US($): 500.00/- for Full Programme

    (Exam Fees are separate)

    Minimum Age: 

    18 Years


    10+2 or equivalent with basic knowledge of English.

    Medium of Instruction: 


    Duration of the programme: Minimum 6 Months; Maximum 02 years

    IGNOU also offers Online certificate courses in Arabic  & Russian Languages. 

    Conclusion Of Online Certification Courses

    Various job-oriented Online certificate courses are offered to interested learners on various platforms like Coursera and other authorised training centres. 

    Online Certificate courses provide the freedom to learn anywhere, anytime and are affordable. The Online Certificate courses help in ensuring accelerated career progression.

    The expert counsellors of the Distance Pathshala are very courteous, polite and professional. They provide guidance to aspiring students in selecting the best Online and Distance Learning courses from the UGC entitled Universities in India at an affordable cost. 

    Interested students, working professionals and housewives who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills must contact the seasoned counsellors of the Distance Pathshala so as to grab the golden opportunity of Online learning. 

    FAQs Of Online Certification Courses

    Coursera courses offer the learners a wide range of Online certificate programs for jobs. Learners have the opportunity to advance their careers with Online degrees from the world-class Universities 100% online.

    Eligibility for the Swayam certificate is usually provided on the course page & the learners are awarded certificates subject to their fulfilling the prescribed eligibility conditions for the respective courses.

    Yes, these are free of cost, however, the learners, desirous of a SWAYAM certificate should register for the final proctored exams which can be taken after depositing a fee and attending in-person at the designated centres on the scheduled dates.
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