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BCA program through distance learning mode makes your career

BCA program through distance learning mode makes your career
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    Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is one of the most prominent undergraduate degree courses as per the recent and current trends. This is because of the fantastic career opportunities that the course entails compared to the little required fees. There are job opportunities in several domains, which makes this course even more dynamic.

    However, did you know that there is an even more convenient as well as cost-effective way to pursue BCA courses? The BCA in distance education India has opened doors for freshers to pursue this prestigious course from the comfort of their homes and with a fee that is extremely pocket-friendly. The BCA distance course fees are much less than the regular BCA fees.

    This blog answers why it is wise to consider BCA online courses and everything related to BCA distance education in India. Know the best university for BCA distance education, BCA distance course fees, eligibility, syllabus, admission process, career scope, salary, and more.

    Why BCA in Distance Education India?

    With the advent of online education in India, caused primarily by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, distance education has become a major player in the education sector in India and for all the right and obvious reasons. Online and distance education plays a very significant role, especially in a country like India where education is yet to reach that last mile.

    There are multiple myths surrounding online and distance education in India regarding its value and credibility. But have you thought about why some of the top institutes and universities in India are expanding in the distance education niche? If not, then read further to know.

    Affordability & ROI

    The best part about online and distance education is the highly affordable fee structure. After pursuing your BCA degree, you will get job offers with similar packages irrespective of the mode of education. This simply means that if one pursues BCA in regular mode and the other pursues BCA in distance education, then both of them will receive similar salary packages.

    What you understand from this is the incredible ROI you get with BCA in distance education. How? The average total fee for BCA in regular mode is between INR 2-5 lacs. While the average total fee for BCA in distance education India is less than INR 2 lacs. The splendid return on investments that online and distance BCA offers makes it one of the most sought-after undergraduate courses.


    The feasible fee structure is one thing but even economically sufficient individuals are resorting to distance education because of the flexibility that accompanies it. The online and distance BCA courses give you the opportunity to hone your skills and knowledge while simultaneously pursuing your degree.

    For instance, while pursuing your BCA in distance education, you can take up an internship or a part-time job to gain work experience. Other options could be taking up skill development courses relevant to your BCA course to gain new skills or hone the existing ones. In the case of BCA in regular mode, you will have to gain 2-3 years of work experience after graduation to be at the same level as a person who pursued BCA in distance education and a job at the same time. This flexible environment helps you grow better in your career as you save years of time.

    Career Oriented

    The BCA in distance education mode is a career-oriented course as it allows you to pursue a job side by side while studying this undergraduate course. You can pursue an internship, a part-time job, or even a full-time job while studying your distance BCA.

    This has been considered the greatest advantage of distance education in India. In modern fast-paced times, when there is fierce competition, being ahead of others is the key to success. When you pursue the BCA degree in regular mode, you are left with just a degree after three years. However, if you pursue BCA in distance education mode, then you can take up jobs at the same time, so after three years, you are left with not just a degree but job experience also. This experience helps you get an edge over others and keeps you ahead of time.


    Believe it or not, networking opportunities in the case of online BCA are better in comparison to BCA in regular mode. How? When you pursue online BCA from a reputed and accredited university, you get the facilities to attend webinars and live interactive sessions with industry experts and leaders from across the world very easily via online platforms. This might not be the case with regular BCA as it is difficult to conduct in-person seminars with eminent personalities so often. The online and distance mode allows you to interact and communicate with more peers as compared to classroom interactions.

    You must be wondering why is Networking such a big deal though? Well, in the corporate world where the BCA degree takes you, networking is a vital part of your career growth. So, it is best to maintain a good professional network while you are still studying so that you can flourish as soon as you graduate.

    Key Highlights- BCA in Distance Education India

    The following table enlists some key pointers about the BCA in distance education India which are further discussed in detail.

    BCA in Distance Education India Key Highlights​​
    Total Average Fee
    INR 1.5-2 lacs
    Eligibility Criteria
    Eligibility Criteria
    Mode of Education
    • Online Mode
    • Distance Mode
    3-6 years
    Job Roles
    • Web Developer
    • Software Developer
    • Applications Developer
    • Database Administrator and more
    Average Salary
    INR 4-5 LPA
    Top Recruiters
    • Accenture
    • Wipro
    • Vodafone
    • IBM
    • Infosys and more
    Top Universities
    • LPU Online
    • Amity University Online
    • Online Manipal University
    • Hindustan CODE
    • Manav Rachna CODE and more

    BCA in Distance Education Eligibility Criteria

    The BCA distance education eligibility criteria may vary a little across different universities. However, there is one standard and basic minimum eligibility criteria that is the same across each and every university. The applicants must fulfill this minimum eligibility condition to be able to get admission to BCA in distance education India.

    • The applicant must have passed 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board of education with at least 45% aggregate marks.
    • Most universities (not all) prefer applicants that have Computer Science or Mathematics as core subjects in 10+2.

    Duration of BCA in Distance Education

    BCA in distance education is an undergraduate degree course and just like regular BCA, the duration of this course is 3 years. The 3 years are subdivided into 6 equal semesters of 6 months each. However, since it is a distance course, it comes with flexibility. Most distance universities allow students to complete the course in a maximum of 5-6 years. Students can clear their exams in these extra years to get their degrees.

    Fees for BCA in Distance Education India

    BCA distance course fees definitely differ across different universities. The fee varies based on the facilities offered by the university and the kind of curriculum offered. The average BCA distance course fees, however, lie in the range of INR 90,000 to 1,50,000 for the entire course. The BCA distance course fees for top universities are discussed further.

    Best University for BCA Distance Education

    Bachelor’s of Computer Applications (BCA) is a technical course and is offered by some of the top educational institutions in the country. The course has a really good relevance in the current corporate environment and hence it is one of the most sought-after courses globally. This is why many top universities have started to offer this course in online and distance modes. It is difficult to choose just one best university for BCA distance education as there are many good universities in the race and most of them offer world-class educational experience and facilities. So here is the list of the top universities for BCA distance education India.

    Best Universities for BCA in Distance Education with Fees​​
    University Name
    Total Fee Per Semester
    SASTRA University
    INR 20,000/-
    Hindustan Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE)
    INR 17,500/-
    Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE)
    INR 26,000/-
    Uttaranchal University
    INR 12,000/-
    Lovely Professional University (LPU Online)
    INR 29,000/-
    Amity University Online
    INR 26,600/-
    Online Manipal University
    INR 20,000/-

    Syllabus for BCA in Distance Education

    Each and every university sets up and comes up with their own unique curriculum for any course. So, the syllabus is not entirely the same for each university. However, the topics are almost the same. There are only minute differences, like in the structuring of the curriculum, or topics included in the elective subjects, and more. So, more or less, the syllabus remains pretty much similar. The basic syllabus for the distance BCA course is as follows:

    Syllabus for BCA in Distance Education India​​
    Semester 1
    • Discrete Structures
    • Programming Methodology
    • Fundamentals of Information Technology
    • Basic Mathematics
    • Programming in C
    • Human Computer Interaction
    Semester 2
    • Database Management Systems
    • Computer Networks
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Computer System Architecture
    • Computational Statistics
    Semester 3
    • Data Structures
    • Green Computing
    • Fundamentals of Web Programming
    • Operating System
    • Network Basics
    Semester 4
    • Software Engineering
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Python Programming
    • Unix Operating System and Shell Programming
    • Cyber and Information Security
    Semester 5
    • Fundamentals of Ecommerce
    • Professional Ethics
    • Internet of Things
    • Blockchain Technologies
    • Data Warehousing and Mining
    Semester 6
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Deep Learning
    • Introduction to e-Governance
    • Computer Vision
    • Project

    Career Scope After BCA in Distance Education India

    As already iterated above, BCA is one of the finest undergraduate courses in terms of career scope and opportunities. The course is highly dynamic and offers you to explore various industries of the corporate sector. With the world practically becoming slaves of the internet, there has been exponential growth in the sectors of website development and designing, software development, app development, network administration, and more such domains. The following table enlists some of the job roles that you can get after pursuing a BCA in distance education:

    Job Roles After BCA in Distance Education​​
    Database Administrator
    Software Developer
    Applications Developer
    Web Developer
    Network Administrator
    Computer Animation Expert
    Web Designer
    Multimedia Authoring Programmer

    Salary After BCA in Distance Education Indian

    BCA is one of the highest-paying undergraduate courses as you get lucrative job offers immediately after your graduation. In India, the average salary for a BCA graduate is INR 5 LPA, irrespective of the mode from which you graduate. The table below has a list of job roles and their starting average salary for your reference.

    Average Salary After BCA in Distance Education India​​
    Job Role
    Average Salary
    Web Developer
    INR 3-6 LPA
    Web Designer
    INR 2-5 LPA
    Software Developer
    INR 5-7 LPA
    Applications Developer
    INR 3-5 LPA
    Database Administrator
    INR 5-7 LPA
    Network Administrator
    INR 3-5 LPA
    Computer Animation Expert
    INR 5-10 LPA
    Multimedia Authoring Programmer
    INR 2-5 LPA

    Top Recruiters for BCA in Distance Education India

    Many corporate giants and MNCs actively hire BCA graduates for several job roles at decent salary packages. Some of the top recruiters known to hire BCA graduates are:

    Top Recruiters for BCA Distance Education India​​
    HDFC Bank

    Admission Procedure for BCA in Distance Education India

    The admission procedure for BCA in distance education in India is really simple. You do not need to visit the university for anything as all of the formalities can be completed comfortably in online mode. While different universities may have different procedures, they only have slight differences. All the distance education universities follow more or less a similar approach for the admission procedure, which is as follows:

    Step 1- Visit the official website of the university, where you wish to get admitted

    Step 2- Register yourself on the university website to get login credentials

    Step 3- With the credentials, log in to the admission portal

    Step 4- Fill out the application form

    Step 5- Upload the required documents

    Step 6- Pay the application fee (if any) and the tuition fee (if stated)

    Step 7- Once the admission is confirmed by the university upon verification of all documents, you receive your enrollment details via email.

    Summing it up!

    If you have reached here, you must have understood the credibility of the BCA in distance education courses and how relevant the degree is in the current times. It indeed is a great opportunity as the minimum required eligibility is feasible for anyone to take admission. The fee in case of distance BCA is quite less and job opportunities are a lot, which makes this course give splendid returns on your investments. So, to sum it up, pursuing the distance BCA is a really wise decision in accordance with the trends of the time.

    BCA in Distance Education India FAQ

    Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA is an undergraduate course of a minimum of 3 years duration. BCA in distance education is a course that you can pursue from the comfort of your home. In distance education, you do not need to go to college to study, but the college comes to you via online mediums. There are online classes through the Learning Management System (LMS) of the university. The study material is also provided through this LMS. Even the exams and all the other interactions happen through this LMS. It is just like a classroom that is just totally virtual.

    Which is the best university for BCA distance education?

    The average BCA distance course fees lie in the range of INR 90,000 to 1,50,000 as it is different for different universities.

    To be eligible for admission to online BCA programs, the applicant must have passed 10+2 in any stream with at least 45% marks and from a recognized board of education.

    The admission procedure for online BCA is simple, you just need to visit the official website of the university and fill out and submit the application form, upload documents, and pay the fees. After document verification, the university will send you a confirmation email for your admission.

    Yes, the distance BCA degree is completely valid for jobs across all sectors. The University Grants Commission UGC has announced that all online and distance degrees when pursued from approved universities will be considered to be of the same value as their corresponding regular degrees.

    BCA in distance education mode is a lot more affordable, offers incredible flexibility, helps you be more career-oriented by allowing you to pursue jobs alongside, and also offers better networking opportunities for professional growth.

    Distance BCA makes you eligible for several job roles like database administrator, web developer and designer, software developer, applications developer, network administrator, and many other roles in various domains.

    The average salary package for a BCA graduate is INR 5 LPA irrespective of the mode of education. This is just the starting salary, the package increases tremendously with more experience.

    There has been a lot of demand for BCA graduates in the corporate world because of the subtle technological advancements globally. The course has gained a lot of importance over time and has been known to be one of the best undergraduate courses when it comes to career opportunities and future scope with job opportunities in several different sectors and domains.
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